Airlink In-Ear Monitor System with High Quality Noise Cancelling Earphones. Zero Lag. Supports Multiple Headsets. In Ear Monitors | TV Headphones | Consoles | PC | Mac | Hearing Impaired

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Product Description

Zxen TechologyZxen Techology

Airlink Wireless HeadsetAirlink Wireless Headset


Multi-User Wireless Headset System

The Airlink Wireless Headset by Zxen Technology is Lightweight, Comfortable and Supports Multiple Headsets.

Plug the transmitter into the headphone jack of your PC, TV or Mixing Desk and the audio will transmit to every Airlink Headset in the room. Simply hold the PAIR button for three seconds on all your headsets to set it up. This means that you can provide In Ear Monitors for your whole band, multiple headsets for a group of gamer friends or provide improved sound quality for the hearing impaired or people who want to watch TV at night.

There is no noticeable delay at all, essentially zero lag (<12ms) so you can have the TV speaker playing and the headphones running with independent volume controls, all at the same time. Low Latency is vital for stage performers and film crews. The Airlink comes with one headset, and Extra Headsets are sold separately.

You can connect unlimited headsets for silent discos. Range is 45ft indoors and 90ft outdoors. Headsets last 5 hours per charge.

The most comfortable and versatile headset in the world Zero Lag (<12ms) Connect Unlimited Headsets TV Headphones / Hearing Impaired Live Performer IEMs Gaming Nights Silent Discos

A Wireless Headset and Base Station that supports Unlimited Extra Headsets. No lag. A TV Adapter that allows the TV Speaker and Airlink Headsets to work simultaneously on most TV sets. Airlink + DAC = TV Headphones. Works with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Buy as many Extra Headsets as you need for your home, party, lecture or event. Everyone gets their own volume control. This Mega Bundle includes an Airlink, a DAC and 4 Extra Headsets.

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