Rust Web Development: With warp, tokyo, and reqwest

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Create bulletproof, high-performance web apps and servers with Rust.

In Rust Web Development you will learn:

Handling the borrow checker in an asynchronous environment
Learning the ingredients of an asynchronous Rust stack
Creating web APIs and using JSON in Rust
Graceful error handling
Testing, tracing, logging, and debugging
Deploying Rust applications
Efficient database access

Rust Web Development is a pragmatic, hands-on guide to creating server-based web applications with Rust. If you’ve designed web servers using Java, NodeJS, or PHP, you’ll instantly fall in love with the performance and development experience Rust delivers. Hit the ground running! Author Bastian Gruber’s sage advice makes it easy to start tackling complex problems with Rust. You’ll learn how to work efficiently using pure Rust, along with important Rust libraries such as tokio for async runtimes, warp for web servers and APIs, and reqwest to run external HTTP requests.

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About the technology
If you’re sick of cookie-cutter web development tools that are slow, resource hungry, and unstable, Rust is the solution. Rust services deliver rock-solid safety guarantees, an amazing developer experience, and even a compiler that automatically prevents common mistakes!

About the book
Rust Web Development, teaches you to build server-side web apps using Rust, along with important Rust libraries like tokio for async runtimes, warp for web servers and APIs, and reqwest to run external HTTP requests. The book is packed full of examples, code samples, and pro tips for setting up your projects and organizing your code. As you go, you’ll build a complete Q&A web service and iterate on your code chapter-by-chapter, just like a real development project.

What’s inside

Handle the borrow checker in an asynchronous environment
Build web APIs and handle JSON
Compose a tech stack for asynchronous Rust development
Handle errors gracefully
Test, trace, log, and debug
Deploy Rust applications to multiple environments

About the reader
This book is for web developers familiar with Java, Node, or Go, and the absolute basics of Rust.

About the author
Bastian Gruber is a Protocol Engineer at Centrifuge. He was part of the official Rust Async Working Group, and founded the Rust and Tell Berlin MeetUp group.

Table of Contents
1 Why Rust?
2 Laying the foundation
3 Create your first route handler
4 Implement a RESTful API
5 Clean up your code base
6 Logging, tracing, and debugging
7 Add a database to your application
8 Integrate third-party APIs
9 Add authentication and authorization
10 Deploy your application
11 Testing your Rust application

From the Publisher

Rust Web DevelopmentRust Web Development

Rust Web Developer Language and FoundationsRust Web Developer Language and Foundations

Key Book TopicsKey Book Topics

Every chapter contains hands-on exercises that help your learning stickInformation boxes throughout offer opportunities for further study of the topic at handDelve deep into concepts with special use case examplesBuild a fully functioning Rust application, start to finish

Do you want to write apps with high performance? Or do you want fewer compile time bugs?

Luckily, with Rust you don’t have to choose!

Enabling you to write lightning-fast code with thread-safe concurrency and without a slew of compiler errors or major overhead, Rust continues to be one of the most loved programming languages ​​among developers and companies.

In Rust Web Development, complete an end-to-end Rust application as Rust expert Bastian Gruber gives you an in-depth look at Rust from a fresh new angle. Learning—and falling in love with—Rust has never been easier or more fun.

Rust libraryRust library

Key chapters of importance

Give yourself a solid start. In chapter 2, learn Rust basics that will serve as a firm foundation for your Rust education.

Keeping it lean and mean! In chapter 5, onboard ways to streamline your codebase without compromising quality or functionality!

Learn the benefits—and the beauty!—of Rust in chapter 8 as you add a simple HTTP client, step by step, to your codebase on your way to production.

Don’t forget the salt… In chapter 9, learn how to “salt” your password, why you need to, and other essentials for adding authentication and authorization to your Rust web apps.

It’s Go Time! You’ve experienced for yourself the joy of programming in Rust. Now it’s time to show the world what you’ve built. In chapter 10, explore deployment options and ways to get your application production-ready.

One size (or approach) does not fit all… when it comes to testing. Learn to determine the testing approach that fits your application best, and set up different testing environments in chapter 11.

Rust Web DevelopmentRust Web Development

How does this book differ from competitor books on the market?

Rust Web Development succeeds where other books on Rust fail: taming Rust’s learning curve—reputed to be steep and bumpy. Author and founder of the Rust and Tell Berlin MeetUp group, Bastian Gruber shares what he’s learned through his own enlightening “Aha!” moments that led him to tackle Rust development from a more practical, less painful angle.

With this hands-on, one-of-a-kind Rust guide, you’ll go from Rust basics to building a complete Rust application—and join the Rust-loving club!

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Manning (January 24, 2023)
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Paperback ‏ : ‎ 400 pages
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ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1617299001
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